Your Health, Your Choice: Lactoferrin in Two Premium Forms

Experience the natural benefits of Lactoferrin tailored to your preferences. Whether you value the advanced delivery of our enteric-coated capsules or the versatility of pure powder, we've got the perfect solution for you.

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Choose Your Ideal Form: Advanced Enteric-Coated Capsules or Pure Natural Powder

Discover Your Perfect Match

Capsules containing 300mg of Lactoferrin powder.

Advanced Dose & Delivery with Enteric-Coated Capsules

Harness the benefits of Lactoferrin with our 300mg capsules, specially designed with an enteric coating for optimal absorption. This ensures the Lactoferrin remains protected in the stomach and releases its contents in the intestines. Each capsule contains ~300mg of Raw Lactoferrin no other ingredients.


  • Optimal Absorption: Ensures Lactoferrin is released in the intestine.
  • Protects Lactoferrin: The coating prevents degradation from stomach acids.
  • Convenience: Pre-measured capsules perfect for on-the-go.


  • Fixed Dosage: Less flexibility in adjusting the amount.
  • Cost: Typically higher cost per serving compared to powder.
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Lactoferrin in its Purest Form

Experience the raw power of Lactoferrin with our pure, tasteless, and odorless powder. Easily incorporate it into your daily routine without altering the flavor of your meals and beverages.


  • Versatility: Mix with any cold beverage or food.
  • Adjustable Dosage: Tailor the amount to your specific needs.
  • Cost-Effective: Typically offers more servings per package.
  • No Taste No Smell: Easy to consume, no capsules to swallow


  • Measurement Required: Need to measure out each serving.
  • Storage: Must be stored carefully to maintain freshness. Store in a cool dry place
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Exclusive Bundle Offer

If you can't decide then try both and see which one works best for you.

For a limited time, purchase both the Lactoferrin Powder and Enteric-Coated Capsules together and receive a special discount.

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