Our team are here to assist you with your bulk lactoferrin requirements. You can book a time that suits you to have a quick chat with our team to understand how we can support you with lactoferrin as and ingredient for your product or project.

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Your Global Lactoferrin Specialists

Quality Assurance & Production

  • Reliable Delivery: Our logistics team ensures scheduled international deliveries, keeping your production timelines intact.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Scale your specification with our flexible production capabilities.
  • Consistent Supply: We guarantee a steady supply, ensuring no disruptions in your production.
  • Scheduled Production & Delivery: Our operations are timed perfectly to meet your demands.
  • Quality First: Continued QA accountability and support bolster the confidence and success of your product in the market.
  • Technical Support: Our technical department aids your formulation team with in-depth analysis and product testing.
  • Precision Manufacturing: We produce lactoferrin tailored to your specifications, maintaining the highest quality standards.
  • First-Class Development: Every product batch receives support from our top-tier product development team.
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Lactoferrin Supplements

We make your product development easy.

We assist you to add lactoferrin formulations to your product range.  

  • Formulation
  • Manufacturer
  • Packaging 
  • Global Distribution
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Why Choose Our Lactoferrin?

  • Pure & Potent: Derived from fresh Australian cow's milk, our lactoferrin is a fine spray-dried powder with over 95% purity.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for early life nutritional formulas, adult nutrition, medicines, powdered blends, and capsule formulas.
  • Global Distribution: We ensure timely and reliable delivery, no matter where your manufacturing unit is located.
  • Complete Product Support: From formulation to packaging, we've got you covered.

Supporting 3 phases of product development

Phase 1: Specification 

We provide you with everything you need to make an informed product choice. 

We support:

  • Test Samples
  • COA (batch analysis)
  • MOA (method of analysis)

Our R&D team will support your testing with the acute technical support required to successfully quality test lactoferrin.


Phase 2: Formulation

Our technical team supports your formulation team through technical analysis and product testing.   

Every product and batch is supported by a 1st class product development team 

  • Low MOQ - Sealed 5kg Foil Pouches
  • Experienced Research Team
  • Formulation Support
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Phase 3: Production

We manufacture your lactoferrin to the required specification, our production team supports our product quality integrity.

Reliable scheduled international delivery is supported by our logistics team. 

  • Scale your specification with planned forecasted product availablity. Don't be vulnerable to spot price spikes.
  • Consistent reliable, regular supply & pricing.
  • Scheduled Production & Delivery. On time supporting your road to market.

Continued QA accountability and support continue to contribute to your product's confidence and success in the market.

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A Targeted Approach to Consistent Quality.

We produce custom and stock lactoferrin specifications  for your product formula. We manufacture lactoferrin to a quality that fits your needs to enable your consistent and reliable supply chain. Providing competitive global pricing and a reliable logistics team that personally manages your deliveries. We are your partners in lactoferrin sourcing and supply. Specialising in Lactoferrin, we support our product with our experienced team providing research and development, customised production, sales and logistics.


Lactoferrin delivered to anywhere in the world.

We can deliver just about anywhere on the planet or we can leave the shipping up to your agents. 

Customised packaging can get the products packed in specific branded packaging in a variety of sizes. 

Purpose built, climate controlled facilities in all major ports to assist in handling, packing, and logistics.

We arrange complete CIF options, Insurance and Freight can be organised by us.

We are registered Australian Dairy Exporters and our team will help you to import our products. 

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